At the entrance to the casino stands a large tiki mask that is haunted by an angry spirit. Many people who have touched this mask later report getting a terrible purple rash.

Tourists & guests who have taken photographs in front of the mask complain of a strange purple haze in the air obscuring the photo.


The Tropicana Hotel & Casino first opened in 1957.

In 1991, construction was completed on the Tropicana's outer island, located directly in front of the Casino entrance. This new tropical island theme included two 35 foot tall Aku Aku gods, a Polynesian long house with tiki carvings which was all done by hand, and a large tiki called Kalanui, the "God of Money". All made specially for the Tropicana by a company called Dreamation Inc., out of California

It has become a tradition, in recent years, to touch this "God of Money" before entering the Casino. It is believed he brings luck to those who touch it.

Does it actually give you a Rash? Do strange things show up in pictures taken in front of the it? Does it actually bring you Luck?!?

Don't worry, the SpookHunters will get some answers.


I had high hopes for this hunt! The plan was to get SpookHunter Christyn to touch the tiki and then we would take pictures of her hand ever 2-4 hours to see what happens..

Unfortunately, we never will have the chance.

We arrived in the early afternoon, and entered though the main entrance. The tropical paradise as described above was nowhere we could see. Not even a lonely tiki mask was anywhere to be found. We entered the Casino looking for someone who could point us in the right direction, however everyone we asked seemed to have no clue what we were talking about. In fact when we mentioned a possible ghost connected to the mask, we were told to check out Bally's Casino (which we did, Hunt Coming soon).

1. Employees don't know what we are talking about.
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We continued to search the casino area until we found someone that knew what we were talking about. Eventually we did find a couple people that were helpful. According to some long time employees, management decided to change the theme of the entrance. The theme now is more of a tropical beach, rather than tropical island. The reason for this change may be the only shred of evidence this hunt has left.
Officially, it was because the legend of the tiki's was so strong people kept taking pictures with them and touching them causing a disturbance at the main entrance. Off the record, we were told that too many people were winning, so management feared there was something to the "God of Money" bringing luck to would be winners, so they got rid of them. The official answer seems more likely, however the unofficial answer is quite interesting.

2. A walk through the casino, and an official statement.

Is there truth to the legend? I can't say for sure. Considering these were specially made tikis for the Tropicana, it seems very unlikely that a ghost would be inhabiting these chunks of wood. If people really came down with a purple rash after touching one of the tikis, I'd look into were the wood came from before calling this anything supernatural. As for managements explanation for removing the tikis, guess they would rather be safe than sorry. However, if there is an angry spirit trapped in one of the tikis, why would it bring luck to people that touched him? Maybe he's angry at the Casino itself? Perhaps a gambler that lost everything then took his life? Or maybe the ghost of a gangster trying to bankrupt a rival casino?

I guess at this point...the world will never know...

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