The 10th floor is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two construction workers that died while building the Pyramid. They fell from the 10th story and will follow you and whisper in your ear.


Ground was broken for the Luxor hotel in 1991, and was opened in October of 1993.

In 1992, two construction workers did in fact die while working on this massive pyramid. One of them was Timothy Glenn Page. However he didn't die by falling from the 10th floor like the legend states, rather on December 14, 1992, a television cart fell on top of him.

No info could be found on the other construction worker.


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Finding out that construction workers actually died at this hotel during it's construction was tragic, yet promising in our quest to find a ghost.

Upon entering the hotel we made our way to the elevators, and with special permission we were granted access to the 10th floor.

The inside of the Luxor Hotel is breathtaking to say the least. It's a whole city inside of a giant pyramid. In the walls of the pyramid are the guestrooms (almost 5,000) with walkways open to the inside looking down onto the theaters & casino areas below. It truly is a modern masterpiece inside , as well as out.

Beautiful architecture aside, the SpookHunters were there to find out about a haunting. So SpookHunter Damon and I made our way up to the 10th floor. The hallway is a continuous loop around the whole hotel. We decided to walk together each holding a personal digital audio recorder in our shirt pockets. Just incase anything whispers at us. Damon took still photos while I used the video camera.

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It took us approximately 20 minutes to make it around the entire 10th floor. Granted we took our time taking pictures and what not, but it was still a long trek.

While walking around up there, we met two maids who both had never heard or experience anything strange or paranormal while working at the hotel. In fact, they never even heard of the legend. But to be fair, they didn't seem to know that anyone died there during the construction of the hotel either.

I can say for sure that while SpookHunter Damon & myself were there, we didn't noticeable experience anything out of the ordinary.

1.We ask two maids if they have ever seen anything strange.

Upon review of all the evidence (25 minutes of video, 39 photos, & 40+ minutes of audio), I regretfully have to inform the believers out there, that we came up with nothing. We couldn't even find a person that said they knew someone that had a friend who heard of someone seeing a ghost. There was nothing.

The building is something that has to be seen. So if you find yourself in Vegas, I'd suggest dropping by the Luxor Hotel for the beauty of the design inside, but not for the chance to meet a ghost.

...'till death do us part!

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