Bally's used to be the old MGM which burned down (with people in it) in the 80's. More than 80 people were killed. The casino level is very haunted. People are always seeing things. The Top floor is also very haunted where people lept out of windows to their deaths to escape the fire.

On November 21, 1980, a fire broke out at the 21-story MGM Grand Hotel. This fire killed 85 guests and hotel employees, 61 of which died in the high-rise tower.

The fire started because of wiring behind a wall in the resort's deli near the keno board simmered and then burned undetected for hours. The result was a flash fire that spread at a rate of 19 feet per second through the casino, and smoke spread extensively throughout the casino and into the upper floors of the hotel.

Many people died instantly sitting at their slot machines, while other succumbed to smoke inhalation. Still, other chose to take matters into their own hands and jump from the top floor to escape the thick black smoke that could be seen from anywhere in Las Vegas.


There's no disputing the fact that a lot of people died very tragically here. People of all ages & walks of life died instantly and unexpectedly, with their whole lives ahead of them. So if there ever was a spot for tortured souls to linger not knowing they are dead or are just too damn stubborn to let go, this is the place. After a lengthy walk, SpookHunter Damon & I finally made it to the main casino. We asked the first employee we saw where the fire happened and if he himself had ever experienced anything paranormal. He was less than eager to help us, but don't take my word for it...check it out in our first video below.

1.We make our way into the casino and ask for info.

We then directed our attention to the main floor of the casino and towards the cafe where the fire started. As you would expect it was very busy, so needless to say the EMF detectors & audio recording devices were useless in the casino environment. We had to rely on our cameras, and our intuition. After snapping a bunch of pictures & using half a roll of video, the only thing weird that stuck out was the name of one of the games on their slot machines. Smack in the middle of where the flash fire melted people to the slots they were playing, a new game called 'Blazing Double' sits. Other than that, our intuition urged us to move on.

2. A walk though the casino taking a similar path as the fireball.
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After a while we did find a group of the kitchen staff that we questioned to see if they knew of any spirits hanging out in the casino or hotel and where the best place to hunt a spook would be. They had some pretty interesting, yet far out stories, but they did point us to the top floor where people jumped to their deaths.
3. Ghost Stories with the kitchen staff.
The top floor of the Hotel is mainly used for banquets & convention meetings. Other than our escort, SpookHunter Damon & myself were the only ones up there. It was eerily quiet. We snapped a lot of photos and tried to capture some EVPs, but nothing abnormal showed up. The EMF readings were all normal and the video footage revealed noting unusual.
4. Upstairs looking down.

Although we didn't bag us any spooks on our hunt, we did come to understand the grim reality of this tragic fire. Sometimes the past is washed out by the busy noise of life, much like the memory of this tragedy downstairs in the casino, but when you step back for a moment and let the quiet stillness consume you things often become more clear. We looked out the large windows down to the sidewalks & streets below and imagined what it must have been like have to choose between suffocation or falling. The thought & realization of death is what is truly haunting. Nobody knows when it will be, or how it will come, but when it does there will be no question about how it ends....

...only answers.

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