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In the early 1900's a bus full of kids was struck by a train on the southwest side of San Antonia near Espada Park & the Historic Spanish Missions.

The bus was carrying children home from school when it stalled on the tracks. An oncoming train cold not stop in time and slammed into the bus killing all the children instantly. If you put your car in neutral something pushes your car over the tracks. Sometimes if you look you can see small hand prints people believe this to be the small children who died in that accident.

Also, the neighbor hood near these tracks is the neighborhood in which the slain children lived. After the accident, the city renamed all the streets after the children that died in this tragic crash. On the anniversary of the accident, the gates will flash and the arms will come down all by themselves.


Upon researching this story for some shred of actual fact when it comes to the accident, I came up with nothing. I did find out that I am not alone, and several other investigations into the legend have come up empty-handed as well. A precise date for this horrific accident has never even been determined. The common response that I got was that the accident happened sometime in the 1920s through 1940s, yet no one knew for sure. And the much-used excuse of "well, records weren't kept very well back then" seems to be a common thread that keeps people telling this story. I did find one story where a San Antonio police officer, who regularly patrolled that district, had heard the ghost story and researched police records for such an accident but found nothing.

There are, however, streets all around this haunted area that are named after children, but not children from a tragic bus & train crash. The streets were actually named in honor of the developer's grandchildren.

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November 2005

Now, I know, I know.....I have said countless times that I hate the legends of Haunted Ghost Tracks where kids push your car over to safety. I hate them for one main reason. Every town in every state seems to have one. It's almost impossible to find a set of track that have actually had a real accident on them. So when I read about this particular spot in San Antonio, I was less then excited to say the least. However, upon further investigation I found out that these tracks were one of the originals. It may have not been the first, but it was the main one that catapulted this legend into mainstream folklore and is one of the reasons why every state lays claim to their set of haunted train tracks.

That's pretty impressive, right? With all that backing this legend, it's got to be true!

Well, we were in San Antonio on a Friday night, and because it was too early to hit a local bar or two, Randy, Damon, Greg, Steve & myself set off to find these allegedly haunted train tracks. If nothing else, we planned on having a few quick laughs before finding some place to eat dinner.


Armed with a rental car map and a general knowledge of where Espada Park & the Historic Spanish Missions were, we were on our way. We spent about an hour driving around asking for directions. We hit at couple small bars and a gas station or two asking where these tracks were. Everyone knew of the tracks, and warned us to be careful, and in their own way gave us directions, but it wasn't until we encountered a man named Elvis who worked in the back of a gas station, were we finally able to find them. Elvis drew for us on a back of a napkin a very detailed map that took us to the allegedly haunted accident site.


Upon arriving at the tracks there were two other cars trying the very thing we were there to investigate. One car was covered in powder and sat motionless on the tracks. We pulled off the side of the road and waited for our turn. While waiting we noticed that there were no gates or lights that would indicated an oncoming train. We asked some of the people at the tracks that night who were locals about that and they said these tracks have been shut down and no trains come through here anymore, so the county took them down. So the last part of the legend is disproved right from the start.


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Eventually traffic cleared and we pulled up and parked on the tracks as the legend states. Randy was driving, and he put it in neutral. Nothing happened. We sat for about 3 minutes, in neutral, quiet, sitting extremely too close to each other and still nothing happened. We were motionless and by all accounts this seemed to be the biggest waist of time ever in the history of SpookHunters. We pulled away from the tracks. Got out and took some pictures, EVPs, and EMF readings, which of coarse turned up nothing, then after talking to a few more locals headed on to dinner.


5 November 2005

The following evening Steve & I went to a locally haunted restaurant called the Cadillac Bar (hunt coming soon). While there we met two workers, Johnny & Julianna, who were more than eager to share their ghostly encounters. We mentioned what we had tried the previous night and they said we did it all wrong! They said you need to park downhill about 20 yards from the tracks, and not actually on the tracks. If you do this, your vehicle will be pulled up and over the tracks.

They volunteered to take us there after they got off, just to make sure we were at the right spot. It turns out that Elvis from the night before had in fact directed us to the correct spot. We parked, as instructed by our new friends, about 20 yards in front of the tracks and as soon as I let off the break after putting the car in neutral it immediately started moving forward. I have to admit, that was creepy, but what was even creepier was as soon as we started picking up speed heading straight towards the tracks we heard a train whistle. A very loud, very close train whistle. With our eyes wide open and mouths agape I slammed on the breaks and we sat there staring as a huge train passed right in front of us. We were moments away from being on the tracks when the train came through. If we had gotten there even two minutes earlier, you would not be reading this right now, and there would be a new legend in San Antonio about two big fat goofy ghosts named Owen & Steve that write funny things in the dirt on your back window like "wash me" or "unclean"!

To make matters weirder, the train stopped right in front of us and blocked the roadway for a good fifteen minutes. Many cars were stopped in each direction. Some just passing through and others came to experience the ghost children, but one thing everyone agreed on is that this was the first time in a long time any of them had ever seen a train on these tracks.

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While waiting for the train to unblock the roadway we took some EVP, EMF, and temperature readings, as well as some pictures. Nothing really weird turned up except for the two pictures to the left. They were taken less than a minute apart. Ghosts of children or Dust?

The train finally moved out and Steve and I tried getting pushed across the tracks a couple more times. It worked every single time as long as we were away from the tracks a little ways. We parked on the tracks like the night before and again, nothing happened.


So my professional opinion is that there are not ghost of children here trying to save you from the same death that they suffered, but rather a cunning optical illusion. As you saw in video #9, the bottle moved slightly by itself, with a little encouragement it went a pretty good distance. This suggest that the road is actually set at a downhill grade. The bottle weighs a couple ounces, but a two ton car would have a much greater reaction. As stated earlier, no evidence of an actual wreck could be found at this spot, plus all the streets are named after the developer's grandchildren, & not a bunch of dead children. So with all this evidence, the Haunted Train Tracks of San Antonio, while fun to do, are nothing even close to supernatural....if you ever find yourself in San Antonio with nothing to do, I suggest trying it for yourself...

Just be careful of the trains...

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