Special Thanks:
Jesse Medina
Andre Hernandez
Johnny & Julianna


The ghost of the old owner is seen in the storage basement of the building and along the back steps. He's harmless, just still checking on his "girls".

There is another ghost named "Beatrice", who was a former employee. She was a homely female in life and in death she still not happy. She is considered a negative spirit because she makes alarms go off, faucets come on, dishes fly off of the shelves, and kitchen utensils are thrown across the room.

Many employees have seen & experienced both ghosts.


The cadillac Bar & Restaurant is located in a part of town that dates back to the the mid 1700's. That means it was part of the original town that saw the battle of the Alamo in 1836. It is located less than a mile away from the alamo and around the block from the courthouse where they use to publicly hang criminals. The Cadillac Bar was built in the early 1800's and was originally opened as a whore house. The building, located at 212 S Flores St, still has it's original walls that are about 200 years old! Man...if those walls could talk!
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November 2005

Ok, this is the type of legends I like. You got a ghost of an ugly chick who use to be a whore and a full liquor bar! Man, what more could you ask for? How about a friendly staff and great food, well the Cadillac Bar & Restaurant has all that and more!

When SpookHunter Steve and myself first arrived, we made ourselves comfortable at the bar. It's amazing the stories you'll hear from some of the locals after they've had a few. After a few more ourselves, we turned our questions to a more reliable source. A Bartender named Andre. He confirmed that the legends were true, and shared with us that he himself has had some experiences. After a few more beers Andre then took us around and showed us all the Haunted Hotspots.


After our tour we made our way back upstairs to the ballroom & to the stairwell where it seems to be the most active. While in the stair well we heard lots of strange noises. Mostly creeks and such, however there was one extremely loud thud. It was close too. In the video below it was captured on film and you can see it caught me unaware due to me jumping. Also Steve can be seen in the shot and he is perfectly still. Now that stairwell was crowded with a bunch of stuff, but none of it fell from what I could see. Also while in that stairwell we both got chills and I swear I felt something brush up against me. Is this paranormal activity, or a couple of over active imaginations?

We finally left the stairwell when our cameras started to act up. They wouldn't focus and turned off by themselves. This can be seen at the end of Video #5, below.


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After we left the stairwell we continued downstairs to a storage closet where they also claim to see and experience many strange things. We locked ourselves in this tiny closet in the pitch black darkness and again heard some very strange noises. This time it was more of a tapping noise.


For the rest of the night we continued to walk around the restaurant taking readings and video and pictures. We didn't get anything more other than the stories from countless people. One of the people we interviewed was the owner, Jesse Medina, who was more than willing to share some of his experiences from his many years of owning the establishment.


All in all, we had a great time. We experienced a lot of weird stuff, however I am reluctant to say that we actually experienced a ghost of either a former owner or a less than attractive former whore. I don't think unless I actually catch a full body apparition on film will I ever truly believe. You can view the evidence and judge for yourself!

If you're ever in San Antonio and feel like a drink and a walk through Texas history, stop by the Cadillac Bar and maybe you'll have more luck. Just remember, the ghost that you encounter may want to give you more than a scare.


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