The Deal :

The SpookHunters were graciously invited to sit in on SBK Live, an FM Radio Talk Show on WTKS Real Radio 104.1 Saturdays from 7-10pm!

SpookHunter Randy joined me on air as SpookHunters Christyn, Greg & Ellen documented everything for future review.

Also, Susan Thompson, a REAL LIFE MEDIUM was on air with us and gave me a reading. Did she pass the test or fall short?

Finally, Mr. Charlie Carlson, Florida's Man-in-Black & honorary SpookHunter, was in attendance as well to talk about everything and anything that is weird! Including his best selling Barnes & Nobel book, WEIRD FLORIDA!

Saturday, June 25, 2005:

First off, I want to thank Soul Brother Kevin for allowing us to come into the studio & for giving us the chance to discuss a subject that is as taboo as Mediums & the afterlife. It was a great experience and can't wait for a chance to do it again.

With that said, the idea of Psychics & Mediums have always intrigued me. I think 99.9% of the so called palm readers & Psychics that you see around town offering one hour sessions are full of crap! Not just any crap, but 100% grade A, pure as mud, straight from the farm, BULL-CRAP! I don't mean to take away from their art, because that's what it is mainly, an extension of the performing arts, but as far as connecting to someone in the afterlife and being able to tell a living person what is going to happen down the road...CRAP!!! No other way to spell it, but C-R-A-P!!!!

Ahhh...but what about the other 0.01% of the Psychics& Mediums out there? The ones you see on TV shows like psychic detectives and other reality based shows???? How can I explain them?


Well, half of the 0.01% is luck, and a half of the luck isn't just luck, but is good old fashioned research and intuition. Here's an example: A woman went missing...uhhh...it's probably a male with some kind of shady past with a sexual diversion and he dumped her in the woods somewhere...DUHHH!

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Think about darts....If you throw 100 darts at a dart board you're bound to hit the target a couple times!!!! No one pays attention when you miss, but when you hit that bullseye, everyone cheers.

But still, that leaves 0.005% of those that claim to have some kind of gift, as unexplained. Those are the people I want to meet! Those are the Psychics I want to challenge and test...and I did.

Now, if you missed the SBKLive show, please take a moment and listen to the following 3 parts. All together it's about an hour of show time. SpookHunters good friend, Michael Goff of Mount Dora, recorded this for us and painstakingly went through it and cut out all the commercials and parts that don't pertain to the SpookHunters. Once you've listened to that, the rest of this will make more sense.

Susan Thompson was the Medium that I chose to come in on the show with us. I had met her preciously a couple times, and from what I was hearing, she was one of the 0.005% I wanted to challenge. While waiting in the green room she mentioned that I had 3 spirits following me, and by the time we got on air, a fourth had joined the party. The four were as follows:

      1. A Motherly Figure.
      2. A Father Figure.
      3. A Shadowy male Figure.
      4. A friend from high school.

The first spirit didn't really mean a whole lot to me. I haven't seen my mother in almost 20 years and have no clue where she is, but I don't think she's dead. However the message associated would make sense if it was her. Susan said that this motherly figure really cared for me and said "Things are the way they were meant to be". Now without getting too personal that would make sense, except for the care part. My mother didn't care enough in life, why would she care in death? Besides, I doubt she's even dead. As far as anyone else that could be...I lost a great grandmother in 2004. I wasn't too close to her so I doubt she'd be trying to make contact.

As we move on, the Father figure hit a little more close to home. When we were in the green room Susan asked if the name Martin meant anything to me. I didn't want to say too much, I just told her it was the name of my dog. Which it is, but it was also my father's name. My Father died when I was eight years old, and if there was any chance of this stuff being real, he'd be the one I'd want to talk to. She said that this fatherly figure wanted to tell me to "Live my Dream." and that there is a fork in a path ahead. That's rather vague, but she goes on to say that I am a lot like he use to be. I have his humor & compassion. I don't remember much of my dad, but my grandparents (his parents) always talk about how I take right after him in everything I do. That was a little closer and a lot less vague. Susan then went on to say that this father figure sees 2 possibly 3 children in my future and that I will be a great Dad. I will be able to do things with them that he was not able to do with me. That was pretty much dead on. I've always wanted, since my father died, to have a son and be the father that my dad never got the chance to be.

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Finally, the last two spirits I have no clue about. One was lurking in the background, she said, and didn't really come up...and the other was a friend from high school, but I can't think of any friends that killed themselves or died.

The reading as a whole you might say isn't too impressive. I would tend to agree with you, unless I find out that my mother really is dead, and her dying words were of regret, but I really don't think that is the case. I am slightly impressed however with the accuracy of the father part, but realize there were no concrete facts. I would have liked to have heard something that only we shared...but I didn't.

Now at this point I would normally be blasting the subject under investigation, and some of you faithful readers are wondering why I haven't started it five paragraphs ago. Well, while we were in the greenroom she did mention the name Martin, but she also mentioned something else. She asked if the symbols E1 or E2 meant anything to anyone. She said there was a spirit there, not really connected to anyone that was called E1 or E2... We all kinda shrugged our shoulders at the time and dismissed it. I did however know the meaning of E1 or E2, but for what ever reason, decided not to go into it, at least not in the greenroom.


A few days later I E-mailed Susan asking about what that E1 or E2 was about. The following is a series of responses from her.

Hey Owen,
I don't know what an E1 or E2 is. Did someone die suddenly? I received the feeling of some sort of impact, like sudden death, here one minute and on the other side the next minute. This spirit doesn't think that it was their time to die, like it was too soon to leave the earth plane. That's what I got. It was quick. Whoever it was didn't linger.
I could be wrong. E1 and E2 sound like a type of plane or something. That's my own thoughts. Of course a plane didn't come through to me. It was a spirit, I got the "E" part and then a #, but not too clear of the #, it was 1 or 2. I know it doesn't make any sense, sometimes messages just don't.
Do you have any idea of what this is? I don't know how this spirit died, just quickly.
If you are confused, you are not the only one. I can't make heads or tails out of it.

I forgot, this spirit connected with E1 or E2, hasn't been gone from the earth plane long, I'd estimate around 6 months or less. Now that I have said all of this can you tell me what a E1 or E2 is? It is driving me crazy.

Sorry to bombard you with e-mails about this. Apparently you know (of course or you wouldn't have asked) who this spirit connected with E 1or 2, and I don't like to say things like this unless I am doing a reading in person. This is difficult for me to ask in an e-mail. But did this spirit commit suicide? Just a feeling. If they did (it is a little fuzzy so hang on with me here) If it was a suicide, this spirit really didn't want to die, it was like a cry for help but it went too far. That's as best as I can explain it. I get the feelings of "mistake". Whatever it was, accident or suicide, this spirit feels that it wasn't supposed to happen, their so called death.

Now, here comes the freaky part.

E2 was the nickname given to an intern for one of the shows of the very radio station we were at that night. It was a long time ago when he was on the show, probably more than 8 years, but he definitely had a connection to the station. He recently, in May, burned his house down and committed suicide. The following is the story that ran in the paper. It never mentions his nickname from the radio station.

Apopka man kills self as home burns

May 13, 2005

APOPKA -- The bank was ready to take Leslie Belgrave's house away Thursday morning. Instead Belgrave let it burn to the ground.

Then, after holding Apopka police and firefighters at bay for 30 minutes, as the house burned, he shot himself dead.

The standoff began at 9 a.m. when a neighbor on West Nancy Lee Lane called in the alarm, saying a man was standing with pistol in hand in the doorway of the burning building.

The threat of being shot prevented firefighters from trying to save the man or put out the fire, Assistant Fire Chief Randy Fernandez said.

Belgrave, 33, paced back and forth in his front yard and driveway while yelling at police, who trained their weapons on him. What he said could not be understood by bystanders behind police lines.

Next-door neighbor Chuck Nelson, 20, said he was startled awake by all the hubbub.

"I started hearing noises and stuff; I went outside" Nelson said. "I walk out to see the SWAT team, house on fire, a body being dragged. . . . I stepped out right as he shot himself."

A suicide note found after Belgrave shot himself stated that he was angry at police, some neighbors and a bank, Apopka police spokesman Officer Jerome Miller said.

A business card from Apopka police Chief Charles Vavrek was found with the note, but it was not known what contact, if any, Belgrave had with Vavrek, Miller said.

Bank of America notified Belgrave on April 7 that it had foreclosed on his three-bedroom house and intended to sell it Thursday to recoup about $65,000 in unpaid loans, according to Orange County Comptroller records.

Those records also show Belgrave had financial problems before and declared bankruptcy in 1998.

What the bank is left with is the shell of a home with no roof, charred interior walls and broken windows.

Orange County Jail records show Belgrave was jailed briefly last fall after deputy sheriffs picked him up on a warrant for failing to appear in court in Seminole County on charges of driving with suspended license and with an expired tag.

Police did not know if he lived alone, Miller said.

Nelson, the neighbor, said relatives sometimes visited Belgrave on the weekends, but the man usually kept to himself.

"The guy went crazy; luckily no one got hurt," Nelson said. "I think he just lost it. He had nothing to live for anymore."

With these facts on the table there are only two possible explanations

The first is that Susan is very talented at being a con artist. She found out about E2 somehow and decided to string me along. But why? Why would she go through such lengths? How would she have found out about this guy? Not impossible, but I think it's just unlikely.

The only other explanation I see is that she is really connected to something that I am not...and if that's the case, I might have to start reading my daily horoscopes!

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