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New Smyrna Beach Historical Ghost Tour:

This is not your typical ghost tour. Not only are all the locations featured on the tour researched and scrutinized for factual accuracy, but a real practicing Medium guides you down New Smyrna's haunted & Historic Flagler Avenue.

On this tour you'll hear about a young boy & an old sailor that haunt a historic Tavern and of a woman who was tragically burned to death. You'll hear about a murder that dates back more than 30 years, and of the parents struggle to move on. You'll also get to see a grave in a very unusual place, and quite possibly you'll come face to face with a ghost.


SpookHunters.com received a private & exclusive extended tour. Did we make contact?

Keep reading and judge for yourself...

Saturday, August 6, 2005:

Let me start off by saying this was one of the best, if not THE best, ghost tours I have ever been on! The fact that a real medium was the guide added an interesting twist that far surpasses other ghost tours. Susan, the medium, was able to point us in directions that normal ghost tour hosts couldn't even think of. It doesn't really matter if you believe in mediums, or if you're skeptical like myself, anyone can appreciate the entertainment value Susan and her tour brings to the New Smyrna Beach area. I am convinced that Susan is as close to the real thing as you can get.

You could also tell that Susan had actually done her homework on the places she talked about. She was able to recall dates and time periods off the top of her head and when you asked her a question she was able to answer it. This was much better than other tours I have been on locally where the host reads everything they say from a piece of paper & when questioned about something, they change the subject. This mix of the paranormal and historical fact made everything almost believable, no matter how far fetched.

Another thing that put this tour so much higher in my book than all the rest is that things actually happened that are hard to explain. Now, don't misunderstand me, everything could be explained from a skeptical point of view, but looking at the events of the night through the eyes of a believer, this tour actually produced hard evidence of ghosts. I've promised to keep an open mind while doing these things and hope that this review will reflect that. I will however, reserve my thoughts on this until after I have put forth all the evidence from the night. Believe me, some things I have a hard time rationalizing.

Also, I would like to remind you that as you read the following accounts of what happened this night, please keep in mind that we got an extended tour. So basically, some of the places featured on this site my not be shown to you, or you might not get access to like we did, if you decide to take the tour in the future.

For more info on this tour check out the website: www.NSBGhostTour.com

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Alright, with all that said lets get down to why you're reading this! Below is a satellite map of Flagler Avenue with six points of interest marked. These points of interest will be discussed further in the order in which things occurred.

Breakers Restaurant:

Before the tour most of us met at Breakers for dinner. At the restaurant I asked different Spookhunters to do different tasks through out the night. Spookhunter Greg & myself took video & pictures. Karan volunteered to take temperature readings, while Gretchen & Dennis used the EMF detectors. The newest SpookHunter that night, Corey, took EVPs. Since he was new I took a few moments to teach him how to use the recorder. The following EVP is the actual recording from that night.

Nobody consciously heard what to me sounds like a scream. My wife Christyn, as much as she disbelieves, admits to not hearing it and she was sitting next to us while recording it. Spookhunter Diana believes it sounds as if it's a woman yelling "Mommy" or "Mom".

Now what really makes this recording interesting is what is believed to have happened in this area. Shortly after this recording was taken, Susan showed up to begin the tour. We immediately asked her if anything had ever happened at Breakers. She let us know that the spirit of a woman who burned to death in a hotel fire across the street is believed to haunt the restaurant. People often see her in the upstairs window.

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Abandoned Restaurant:

The next stop was a very small abandoned restaurant. Apparently this use to be a home and according to the medium the ghost of the man that use to live there haunts the structure. She doesn't know this spirits name but has nicknamed him Albert. Susan said Albert made contact with her earlier in the day and was in fact standing on the porch of his old house next to us.

Now, being a skeptic I challenged this woman claiming that she can talk to spirits, and said if there's really a ghost make him touch me. She got quiet for a moment and then said he was touching me. I then felt a tingle on my cheek. She asked me if I could feel him, and I said I felt something. I then asked Susan to tell me where Albert was touching me. She correctly said, without hesitation, that he was touching my right cheek. At that point the feeling radiated down through my shoulder arm & then leg.

We stood there and talked for a few moments more. Then, as we were leaving the porch area of Albert's abandoned home, my umbrella was yanked backwards. I suspect it was caught in Diana's umbrella since she was also on the porch with me, but special guest Greg was watching us and saw my umbrella go backwards. He also added that Diana was nowhere near me when this happened.

Bauer's House:

The next place I am about to describe was one of the most creepy places I have ever been. The house from the outside just looks like an ordinary old run down dilapidated home. The story associated with it is anything but ordinary.

In 1974 a 17 year old girl named Barbara Bauer lived at this house with her parents & twin brother. One night she hat to make a trip to Daytona to pick up some fabric for her cheerleading outfit. On the way home she stopped to help a stranded motorist that was having car trouble. This random act of kindness cost Barbara her life. The motorist she pulled over to help was a serial killer name Gerald Stano. Her body was later found in a dump on the other side of the state.

As the legend goes, upon hearing the news that they had found the body of her daughter, the mother had a nervous breakdown and her family left the house. They literally walked out of the home and left everything behind. Clothes still hang in the closets, pots are still on the stove, and food still in the kitchen.

This story gave everyone the creeps and was supported due to the fact a light was on in the house and we were able to peek in through the curtains of one of the windows. We could see furniture, magazines, and other normal stuff you'd see in a house. The only difference was there was a layer of dust & filth over everything. There is also a very old Plymouth Champ two door car in the driveway. The tires were flat and the car was rusted & dirty. This is allegedly Barbara's car.


In the driveway by the car and next to the side of the house where Barbara's room use to be is where pretty much everyone felt a little funny. Barbara's ghost is believed to haunt the old house and protect it from trespassers and would be vandals. While standing in this drive way we got a lot of strange EMF readings and special guest Heidie felt something grab her.

"When I got halfway down the driveway, near the basement window, I felt something grab me from the back. It was a strong grabbing sensation. Then I felt my bag being pulled. I also felt chills."
- Heidie

Whether or not the ghost of a 17 year old girl haunts her old home clingy to a life that was cut tragically short due to a senseless murder is unclear. What is clear is that this house is up for sale and it's future looks grim. The story behind this house is 100% freaky and has all the workings of a hollywood horror flick. It is definitely worthy of further investigation and research. I plan on returning in the near future and will gain access to the home if nothing else to see if the stories associated to abandonment are true. In the mean time, I hope they don't tear it down.

Lo Lo's Boutique:

Down the road a little ways is a small boutique that is allegedly haunted by a woman. This ghost likes to move things and levitate make up. While we were there a tag on a single pair of pants was moving all by itself. Nothing else was moving. I thought it could have been the air conditioning doing it, however I saw no vents anywhere around the immediate area. Also temperature readings on the tag were around 86 & 87 degrees while the rest of the store was in the 70s.


Dummett Grave:

Off of Flagler Avenue a few blocks is a very unusual grave. This grave is above the ground in the middle of a street in the middle of a neighborhood. The story is that a 16 year old boy named Charles Dummett accidentally shot himself while hunting. His father buried the boy where he fell. His spirit is often seen walking the streets. Susan says that she can pick up his vibration and says that the boy is not sad in anyway and actually enjoys it when people stop and visit his grave.

I'm not sure if he enjoyed our visit or not, but the following is a video of the grave.


At the beginning of the video an orb is said to be seen. I am not totally convinced this is anything paranormal, I have a feeling it was a bug or something, but it does appear to change shape. To the right is a screen shot of the anomaly. Click on it to see a very short animated gif of the orb / bug.

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Indian House:

Then finally after a little history lesson from Mr. Charlie Carlson on the finer things of New Smyrna's history such as Marijuana farms, we went on to another old home that is being restored. Susan said that this home just gives her a very bad feeling & that people have reported seeing things in the 2nd floor windows.

This house is built on a Timuccan Indian mound. It was not a burial mound, however it is believed that it was a ceremonial mound of some kind. That is the only house in that particular area that was built on a mound.

We went upstairs and knocked on a few windows and then tried the door. Since the door was unlocked we decided to go inside and check it out. Spookhunter Greg & I were the first ones in. The following two EVPs depict sound recordings that were taken simultaneously. A yell in the background can be heard in them both. Corey was down on the ground recording with the sound recorder while Greg and I were upstairs about 30 feet away. You'll notice the scream occurs right when Greg & I decide to enter the building.


It is important to note that the camera we were using had a surround sound microphone attached to it and the mic could not distinguish witch direction the sound came from. Also, while our voice volumes are drastically different between the two recordings, the yell is not.

That's not all that happened. When inside a door was slammed while myself, Greg, Karan and special guest Brooke were looking around. Then a little while later as Karan calls out to whatever was in the house to prove itself to Greg, something brushed against him and made a noise. This can be seen in the video below.

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Now, what does all this mean? How can anybody experience all the things listed above and still not believe? Well, here is what I think, whether or not it's accurate is up to you to decide.

The first EVP from Breakers could be someone else in the restaurant screaming in the background. The sensation I felt at Albert's old house was power of suggestion. The feelings that everyone felt at the Bauer house was a mix between imagination & power of suggestion. The abnormal readings on the EMF detectors were probably some kind of electrical interference. The tag moving at Lo Lo's was more likely an air current from an AC vent somewhere rather than a ghost. The Orb caught on tape at the Dummett grave was probably nothing more than a bug. Then at the Indian House, the door slamming was probably just the fact that we were in an old house and the door shut itself due to our stomping around and vibrating the floor, while what Greg heard that startled him was probably something outside. As for the EVP, there was a bar a few blocks away and probably someone screamed really loud therefore sounding about the same on each of our recorders.

See? Everything can be explained and rationalized away. But there is one thing I can't seem to understand. How could all those conditions be right to produce the experiences we all shared? And the timing on the EVPs were uncanny. What are the chances? Or am I just reading too much into it? I'm very skeptical of this ghost thing, and don't think I'll ever be a true believe until something manifests itself in front of me or throws me across a room. Until then I will have to continue pointing out the rational rather than believe the paranormal.

One thing I am 100% sure of is that whether or not you're a believer or a skeptic, you will enjoy this tour. It is definitely worth it. It was fun, informative, and in general a hell of a good time! Check out the website for more info!


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