The ghost of a murdered girl haunts her old house. She was murdered by a serial killer and once her body was found, the mother went insane and lived out the rest of her life in a mental institution.

Due to the horrible circumstances surrounding the death the family left the house one day and never came back. Everything in the house is the same as it was the day the family left.


After learning about this legend on the New Smyrna Beach Historical Ghost Tour, I felt drawn to this house. Not sure if it was the tragic history or the eerie thought of everything inside the home being undisturbed for more than 30 years. Or maybe it was the Spirit of a innocent life cut short calling out for help. Whatever the reason, I felt the need to find out everything I could about this house, without disrespecting the privacy of the remaining family. Also, the legends surrounding this house are quite detrimental if they are not true. So I believe there is a great need to get the actual history and facts, no matter how apathetic they might be, out to the general public.

The murdered girl in this legend is Barbara Bauer. She was in fact killed by Gerald Stano, a serial killer known to have killed over 40 women.

Barbara was only 17 years old when she took a trip to Daytona Beach on September 6, 1973 to get some material for her cheerleading outfit. Her car was found in the Holly Hill Plaza in Daytona, while her body wasn't found until April 1974 in a dump near Starke Florida.

No one knew who had killed her until 1982 when Stano himself decided to confess. Stano told how he had seen her on the side of the road having car troubles and he offered his assistance. Since they both had the same type of car, Barbara felt comfortable enough to accept help from him.

There are no public records that detail what happened to the family personally after this, however in 1986 after another stay of execution for Stano, Audrey Bauer, Barbara's mother, was interviewed by the Sun Sentinel. She was quoted as saying that she wanted to kill Stano herself. She said that she'd like to pull the switch on him, and if he ever got out, she wished that they'd let him out in front of her house, "'cause he wouldn't last long!" Another quote from this article says, "Audrey Bauer said her whole family is still affected by Barbara's death".

Audrey Bauer's comments in this article are anything but maniacal. I believe this interview proves that the mother did not live out the rest of her life in a mental institution as the legend states. Also, as far as the timeline goes, it shows that in 1986 they were still living in this house. This is supported by Volusia County public records stating that the homestead exemption on this property wasn't switched until 1989.

The father, Albert Bauer, is still alive as well and still is a practicing veterinarian in the New Smyrna area. Both parents own property all around New Smyrna Beach. The house in question was built in 1922 and was used as a boarding house when they were building the railroad through New Smyrna. After it was completed the house was later turned into a residential home.

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August 2005:

We got our first look at the house while on the New Smyrna Beach Historical Ghost Tour. A lot of weird things happened that night. You can read all about it, HERE. The following are actual pictures and a video from that night.


The outside experiences we all felt could have been (and probably were) nothing but over active imaginations, or was it something more? I will admit, this house along with the legend associated with it, is all around freaky with a twist of scary, but is it really haunted? There is only one way to find out, and that is to get into the house!

I doubt that the owners of the home, understandably, would allow access into it for a Spook Hunt. Even if it is to possibly help the spirit of their daughter move on. Although we've entered abandoned places before without proper permission, this is still someone's home, and we want to respect that, so trespassing is out of the question. That leaves us with only one option. Give up and go home?

Not exactly...

SpookHunter Greg & I were in the New Smyrna area on other business. We had a few extra minutes in our schedule, so we decided to drop by and take a few pictures of the outside during the day. While we explored the outside, we noticed the property was for sale. I called the realtor just to get some history on the house. The more I talked to them, the more interested I became in actually seeing the inside. So when the invitation to view the house came up, I didn't have the heart to tell them I couldn't actually afford to buy the property, so I just accepted the offer and with-in a few minutes we were inside!

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SpookHunters.com and all those connected to us, do not encourage anyone else to call the realtors up just to get to view the inside of this house. They are very busy and showing the home to actual potential buyers is what pays their bills. Besides, In a moment you'll see that it's not nearly as spooky as you'd think it would be. Although it was fascinating.
Anyway, we just happened to luck into it and hope this website will satisfy your curiosity.

Plus, the house is infested with fleas.

When the realtors arrived, we first asked them about the car in the driveway. They confirmed that this was the daughter's car that broke down that fateful night in Daytona. The parents parked it and haven't moved it since.

Upon entering the house, it was immediately clear that the house wasn't just left in as is condition. It looked as if they had been using it for storage. There was a lot of nice furniture in the house that was ruined due to the elements, and on top of the furniture was pieces of the ceiling that had cracked and fallen down. There were boxes all over the place and stuff was just piled everywhere. The realtor informed us that Dr. Bauer still comes to the house every now and then to retrieve stuff, but gave no reason for the way in which the house was left.
There's also power still in the house. In the front room a radio was playing when we first entered the home. It was tuned to an oldies station and that set the mood. In the kitchen the refrigerator was still running, and there was food in the pantry, dishes in the cabinets, and pans out on the counters. Upstairs in all the bedrooms, there were beds and dressers and more boxes over flowing with stuff. There was clothes in almost all the closets and magazines were scattered all across the floors. Recent magazines too, like sports illustrated from the 80s. There is also a personal gym upstairs. An old weight bench and full set of weights, although rusty, are sitting in a room just waiting to be used once more.

It was definitely weird being in the house. It was like a normal home, yet different. Almost like they were packing up all their stuff and then just threw it everywhere. It's hard to explain. It was very fascinating, yet horrifying, and filthy. To me it felt like walking around in a grieving family's nightmare. Words can only explain so much. The following is actual videos set to music from inside the Bauer house along with more still pictures.


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So, as you can see everything about this house is tragic, but is there anything paranormal? Personally, I doubt it. I know we all felt funny when we looked at the place at night, but I believe that was just us. Going back during the day helped to confirm that in my mind. It just felt like any other old dilapidated home. The only exception was the history. The very sad & tragic history.

If Barbara's spirit is sadly clinging onto a memory of a life cut too short, she may be forced to move on in the near future. The house, as stated earlier, is up for sale. At the time this website was published, the current highest bidder on the property wants to renovate the house and turn it into a bed & breakfast. However, the bid is nowhere near the asking price. There has been talk about tearing the building down and just selling the land.

What ever happens to the old house, for Barbara's sake, I hope she's at peace and her family can finally heal.

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