November 2004 - El Campo Santo Cemetery - San Diego, California



This cemetery was partially paved over with a road. It is said ghosts appear to be crossing that section of the road at night and cars that park on the street have trouble starting. Among the numerous spirits sighted at the location, psychics claim that the site is to this day overseen by the spirit of the gravedigger whose own grave is near the cemetery's SE corner.


This Roman Catholic Cemetery was established in 1849 and is located on San Diego Avenue in San Diego's Old Town.

An estimated 477 bodies were buried here, but not all of them stayed within the walls of the cemetery! In 1889 a horse-drawn streetcar line was built through part of the cemetery, which later became San Diego Avenue. In 1942 it was finally paved over, leaving as many as 18 graves under the street and sidewalk.

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Saturday November 6, 2004:

After we were stood up by our ghostly date at the 'haunted' El Fandango Restaurant, Damon and I headed toward the graveyard. It was just a short five minute walk away, and when we arrived we were shocked at the size of this it. It was a lot smaller than either of us had anticipated. Even though our research uncovered that only 477 people were buried here, we still expected something more. If there truly was at one time over 400 people buried in this cemetery, and only as many as 18 were covered up by the road, then they are missing a lot of graves. I didn't get an exact count, but I estimate only about 150 markers remain in the actual cemetery! There was a lot of open space and bare dirt. If there is any truth to the legend that many restless spirits are seen here, then the loss of these graves could be a reason why.

The graveyard was wedged between a couple of restaurants, with a road directly in front of it separated only by a small sidewalk. There were markers in the road and on the side walk about the size of a silver dollar where apparently bodies still remain. Behind the cemetery was a parking lot and a group of residential homes. The surrounding areas consist of bars and other tourist type attractions. If this was my final resting spot and things were built up around me like this for the sake of tourism, I'd be pissed off too!

It didn't take long to canvas the area. We took many pictures, some EVP recordings, and monitored the temperature. There was no noticeable temperature changes, however there is a picture that is very hard to explain and a couple EVPs that are even harder for a skeptic like myself to dismiss.
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First thing we did when we arrived at the cemetery was to find the gravedigger's grave. The legend says he still oversees the graveyard to this day. It didn't take long to find him, and if anybody was going to talk we figured it would be him. The following EVP was taken right next to the grave of the departed gravedigger. See if you can't hear a message at the end.


While we were there at the cemetery, people were coming and going pretty regularly. Remember this cemetery is smack dab in the middle of a tourist area. A couple and there two young kids played hide and go seek for a little while and one group of teens decided to run through the graveyard with their shirts off yelling and hollering at the top of their lungs. So it is entirely plausible that, even though Damon and I tried to wait until people left to continue to collect evidence, the voice recorder could have picked up someone in the graveyard or possibly out on the street. But then again, with the disrespect that this graveyard receives, it's also entirely plausible that if ghost do exist, that really could be a message from the gravedigger himself. Finally feed up. Just wanting some peace.

Behind the gravediggers plot, there was a peculiar marker that showed a hand pointing to a wall. The marker read:


By this time Damon and I were starting to feel that this was some kind of joke. The whole cemetery probably was nothing more than a clever recreation of a real cemetery. An unusual monument if you will, remembering those that actually settled Sand Diego. That is why you will detect our negativity in the following EVP recording. While we recorded this, it was just us in the corner. No one, that we knew of, was anywhere near us. Plus you can plainly here both of us talking while the anomaly begins.

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Finally, the last piece of evidence that might support a haunting is the picture below. This was just a random picture of the graveyard. Directly in the middle of this shot is what some people have said looks like an apparition of woman.

Actual full sized image (1600x1200) of the picture taken that night.

Is this an actual apparition of a woman or a light trick? I can't be sure. Upon blowing this photo up and running a few color enhancing programs on it, there appears to be a blue ball of light (see above) hovering around it. However I believe deep down inside that it is just a perspective issue.

This was for me the most disappointing hunt while actually being there, yet the most rewarding hunt after reviewing the evidence. I cannot and will not say that this stuff is proof of ghosts and of hauntings, nor will I excuse these as light tricks and background noise. I will say however, that it has strengthened my desire to find out more, and to continue searching for answers. I have yet to have a personal encounter with a ghost, and unfortunately that is what it is going to take for me to fully believe.

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