A question I get asked all the time is "Dude, what's with the orange jumpsuit?" Well, if you really want to know, it's the MOST haunted article of clothing known to exist!

To see it in person is a rare and special event.

How can I make such a claim? Well first, I acquired the suit from a company that cuts up cadavers for bone marrow research and regeneration technologies. The suite was worn to cut up countless cadavers. It's been washed, of course, but if residual energies exist, you can't deny that this suit has had to absorb a significant amount.

Next you'll notice the patches. I've added these because I wanted something to have that represented each adventure the SpookHunters went on. Now of course I can't get a patch for every place we go, but every patch on the suit has a specific meaning behind it. Some actually represent a hunt, while others represent a fundamental SpookHunter's attitude, and yet others are in memory of fallen friends. For more information on this, click on a patch to the right and a bigger picture of the patch and the story behind it will pop up.

And finally, the 3rd reason the Orange Jumpsuit is the MOST HAUNTED ARTICLE OF CLOTHING KNOWN TO EXIST is because for the past 15 years I have worn it into some of the most believed to be haunted and creepy places known to exist as a paranormal investigator. If any piece of clothing could ever be haunted...with it's dark history and the sentimental value of the patches and the wearing it in the most haunted of places known today...there is no denying...The SpookHunters Orange Jumpsuit IS the MOST HAUNTED ARTICLE OF CLOTHING KNOWN TO EXIST!

Don't forget to click on a patch on the right to find out the story behind it!