Picture Prooff? EVP Prooff? Follow the Evidence!

Cadillac Bar

While inside of a storage closet, strange noises can be heard. including a deliberate tapping noise.

Cadillac bar

While sitting inside of a stair well that is notorious for 'strange occurances', we hear creeking, as if someone is walking up the stairs and a loud thud.

Indian House

In this video a door slams by itself off camera, then as Spookhunter Greg investigates the kitchen something touches him. His reaction says it all.

If you listen close, you will hear a strang noise right before SpookHunter Greg feels something.

Lo Lo's Boutique

A lone tag is moving by itself in this little boutique. No air vent could be seen, and temperature readings in the store were in the 70's while the tag itself read around 86 & 87 degrees.

This occurred in the middle of summer, so if it was moving due to the air conditioner, they must have had the heat on...in August...in Florida?

Ashley's Restaurant

My radio rings twice while attempting to use a Ouija board.

I had only two radios with us, and the other radio can been seen clearly at the same time and is never touched. Both radios are definitely on. You can see the green signal light blinking. Also, when you alert the radios in that fashion to make the noise that it did, they both go off...but as depicted on film, the other one didn't, only mine.

Orange County History Center

An Orb can be seen for about 3 or 4 frames 20 seconds into this video.

It seems to follow SpookHunter Diana into the room, and glides up then down under a table.