Video Prooff? EVP Prooff? Follow the Evidence!

New Smyrna Beach Ghost Tour

Something unexplained changes shapes as it floats through the middle of the group.

Below is an animated image of the path of this unexplained object taken from a video clip.

Is this a ghost?

El Campo Santo Cemetery

An apparition of what appears to be a woman can be seen in the center of this picture.

After detailed annalist of this image, it can neither be proven to be a true apparition or dismissed as a lighting and perspective anomaly.

The full sized image can be seen below.

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

What appears to be a head can be seen in the right window.

The other pictures are different. Two of the same window are empty, however one more shows something other than the 'head like' object.

To see the large picture of the head click below. Some say they can also see a woman in another window on the upper right hand side.