Ghosts are commonly believed to show up in pictures as "orbs," small round balls of lights that can vary in size and color. These orbs can't be seen with the naked eye, but can be captured with just about any type of camera.

The leading theory is that these ghost orbs are actually energy fluctuations that may or may not be caused by spirit activity.

It is far more likely that these orbs are either dust or moister particles reflecting the flash of the camera, or a reflection of the shutter on the inside of the lens.

Other ways Spooks are believed to reveal themselves in photos are with a cloud of mist, streaks of light, and full or partial humanoid apparitions.

Equipment Used:

  • Minolta - Digital - 4.0MP
  • Kodak - Digital - 5.0MP
  • Canon - Digital - 8.2MP
    EOS 20D

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Videos are the best, most compelling evidence when investigating allegedly haunted locations. Unlike pictures it allows you to see what happens before, during, & after the item of interest.

Similarly to pictures, Spooks are believed to reveal themselves in many different ways on film, including orbs, clouds of mist, streaks of light and full or partial humanoid apparitions, as well as Electronic Voice Phenomena (E.V.P.). Of course, any of these anomalies could always be insects, pollen, dust, smoke, operator influence, or a plethora of other things.

It is most common to collect video evidence when filming at night with nightvision cameras. It is theorized that the spectrum of light used for nightvision filming is the same spectrum of light that ghost use to materialize.

Equipment Used:

  • Sony - Handycam - 8mm
  • Sony - Handycam - MiniDV
  • Sony - Handycam - MiniDV

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E.V.P., or Electronic Voice Phenomena, is the term traditionally used to describe unexpected sounds or voices heard while playing back some type of recorded media.

It is currently believed that Spooks can communicate with the living by emitting a form of energy that we can not hear, yet electronics can pick up on the frequency.

This, of course, is just a guess. Since no one has actually caught a ghost and studied it, there's no way to know what E.V.P.s really are.

Other terms used to describe this same phenomena are:

  • Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC)
  • Trans-Dimensional Communication (TDC)
  • Electronic Disturbance Phenomena (EDP)

Equipment Used:

  • Olympus - Digital Voice Recorder
  • Olympus - Digital Voice Recorder

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