Death is one of life's greatest secrets. A secret only revealed upon one's demise. Many believe death is just a beginning and use this to take advantage of people in their times of need.

Here at, we have had over 15 years of paranormal investigation experience. Home of SpookHunter Owen, the worlds MOST CREDIBLE, and successful, paranormal investigator of ALL time...EVER, Owen has proven time and time again, that most experiences offered up by other paranormal investigation groups are hoaxes and tricks used to confuse people and perpetuate lies and mistruths about history. WILL NOT fake evidence. and SpookHunter Owen are also different in the fact that we only deal with reality, not made up urban legends or fake science.

If you are in need of paranormal help, or would like to get involved, please contact us through Facebook, or Twitter. You can check out all the places we've been over the past 2 decades, and then listen to some paranormal talk in our radio section.

Although SpookHunter Owen doesn't believe in ghosts, he believes in YOU! Don't be scared. Don't be ashamed. Join us!!


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